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How to make a Request from an On Air Dj

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** Making a line recording**
1. Click on START
2.All programs
5.Sound Recorder
This will bring up the sound recorder window.
Ensure you have your microphone attached to your computer and the �mute� is off if you have one.
Before you begin recording we highly recommend that you write out what you want to say in your line
recording as you only have one (1) minute of recording time available.
Press the RED circle in the bottom right of the sound recorder (this starts your recording) and begin speaking.
Once you have finished speaking, immediately press the BLACK rectangle next to the RED circle.
This will end your recording.
You can then click the BLACK triangle
This will allow you to replay your recording.
You may re-record as many times as you like.
Once you are satisfied with the quality and content of your recording, click FILE, then save as:
We recommend that the name you give the file explain what it is, i.e. (your name Promo)
and save it in a folder of your choice for later use and ease of retrieval.

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